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Version 0.001/Unreleased yet

May 2009

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What does it do?

It builds tags files for use with GNU Emacs, Vi and other unix-like editors and utilities. Currently it aims to support etags/ctags formats and understand Delphi, FreePascal and Delphi.NET syntax. Nowdays project aims towards FreePascal/Linux platform, but Windows is still considered a platform too :)

It is built on Jedi Code Format powerful parsing engine, which is quite flexible and well written to be used in other projects. I thank Anthony Steele for his titanic work on Jedi Code Format and without him this project would never be possible (even this page was once part of JCF).

Why use?

Because it seems that currently existing (as of May 2009) tools for producing Pascal language dialects tags file do poor job. And nobody seems to care :)

Licence and disclaimer:

This program is free and open-source.

JediTag is avaialble under GPL 2.0 or later and Mozilla Public License 1.0 (MPL).

If you improve this program in any way (bug fix, new feature, better algorithm, whatever), I would appreciate it if you send those improvements back to me for possible inclusion in a future version.

Disclaimer: This program may have bugs or not yet fully meet it's design objectives. Although it has been used with some success, I cannot make any guarantees. If you care about the quality of this program, send in bug reports.

How to install

Under construction :)

How do I report a bug?

Report the bug here. Submit a test case and (optionally) a fix to the source, and tell me :)

Where is the program going?

See this Roadmap for details. No warranty of course :)

Can I get involved?

Yes, please do. Report a bug. Request a feature. Download the source, compile it, and fix a bug or add a feature. If your addition is sound it will be included in the next release and your name will be listed. If you want to be added to the Sourceforge project developers list, do this first, then we'll talk.

Contact me (BTW, my name is Denis Golovan) via the forums or by using email - denisgolovan (angry dog)